[SATLUG] USB 3.0 Use with Linux

Peter Cross pjcrux at gmail.com
Mon Aug 9 14:25:49 CDT 2010

Has anyone tried any USB 3.o devices with any flavor or Linux? I've seen
some sites stating that since 2.6.31 usb 3.0 is supported but
linux.org/newsstates the following:

"The xHCI driver is already included in linux-next and since
Linux<http://www.linux.org/news/2009/06/10/0004.html#>2.6.30 has just
been released, it should go into the main development tree
from which Linux version 2.6.31 will emerge around late August. Users that
want to have a look at the new driver can find it in the Git repository."

Just wanting to know general experiences if someone has taken the leap...
I'm looking at a 2TB external WD drive and am also curious as to which
vendor (sabrent, evga, etc) generally has the fewest issues with newer




Peter J. Cross
San Antonio, TX

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