[SATLUG] Old thread but is Google still your frin?

David Kowis dkowis at shlrm.org
Mon Aug 9 21:40:54 CDT 2010

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On 08/07/2010 12:28 AM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> herb cee wrote:
>> Hey guys and gals. who really understands this latest rumour that the
>> goog is turning evil.
>> My window to the world is the internet, I get plenty of lies there
>> too, but fairly easy to filter out.
>> Just how does a low end user .5gig DSL affect me. is this just to do
>> with streaming video and hi-bandwidth uses or does it trully put my
>> freedom of info at risk?
>> Thanks for some discussion to enlighten me?
> Thee are two issues here.
> 1.  Net-neutrality.  Should a vendor like Time-Warner or AT&T have the
> authority to shape the throughput according to protocol or content.
> There are a couple of sub-issues here.  If everyone is streaming HDTV
> signals over the Internet, does it get saturated?  I think the case can
> be made for things like cell phones.  For fiber connections, not so much.
> Should a vendor be able/forced to pay for priority connections or
> delivery of content?  Should everyone be entitled to 'unlimited' downloads?
> For companies like Time-Warner, the motivations are mixed because they
> are a content creator too.  Also, if everyone is downloading via the
> Internet, it cuts into TW's cable TV revenues.

The real solution to this is competition. If it's really a big deal then
other companies will show up giving the people what they want.
Currently, various municipalities have granted exclusive contracts to
the companies to provide internet/cable. This is why there's only TWC
and ATT in San Antonio. I couldn't get GVTC if I wanted to. Money talks,
and when consumers have choice, it puts pressure on the companies to
provide what people want. When there's only two options (clear might be
a third, but it's not wired) you get screwed. I can quit ATT because
they suck and go to TWC, but when they suck, I can only go back to ATT.
That's not choice, and that's why our ISPs suck.

> 2.  Google and it's applications have the ability to collect a lot of
> information about your browsing habits.  Almost every computer has a
> different Web fingerprint.  How does this ability affect things like
> free speech?  Are people inhibited in their political discussions?  I
> can answer that some people definitely feel restrained because of the
> potential of electronic systems monitoring everything.  See, for
> instance, the book 1984.  It is practical now and in places like North
> Korea, a reality.
> Also see the movie "Enemy of the State".
> The question is whether Google's capability is being misused.  We know
> it *can* be misused.  Different people will disagree about the what data
> can be reasonably collected and how that data is used.

I don't think they're evil yet... However their deals with the NSA
concern me.


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