[SATLUG] Old thread but is Google still your frin?

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 00:01:16 CDT 2010

David Kowis wrote:

> The real solution to this is competition. If it's really a big deal then
> other companies will show up giving the people what they want.
> Currently, various municipalities have granted exclusive contracts to
> the companies to provide internet/cable. This is why there's only TWC
> and ATT in San Antonio. I couldn't get GVTC if I wanted to. Money talks,
> and when consumers have choice, it puts pressure on the companies to
> provide what people want. When there's only two options (clear might be
> a third, but it's not wired) you get screwed. I can quit ATT because
> they suck and go to TWC, but when they suck, I can only go back to ATT.
> That's not choice, and that's why our ISPs suck.

TW is fairly expensive, but I don't think their service sucks.  For me 
they seem to be pretty reliable, but then I only use them for routing my 
bits and they do that fairly fast.  I've never used any of their other 
ISP services.

   -- Bruce

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