[SATLUG] OT: energy costs SATX: $0.05/kWHr CA: $0.39/kWhr

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Tue Aug 10 17:54:30 CDT 2010

By the way, you guys have it wonderful there energy-wise.

At $0.05/kWHr, it's no wonder RS hosts there.

Here in the Bay Area, PG&E is dealing with the years-past energy
crisis by charging residential customers $0.39/kWHr.  Yes, that's
nearly eight times your energy costs.  Austin, supposedly deregulated,
is ~$0.14, nearly three times your costs.

Actually, you get a small allowance at $0.13 I think, but it's very
small - I think about 150 kWHr.

I have six computers and a portable A/C unit for that small bedroom,
set at 75 deg F, used about 2000KWHr in a month, and my energy bill was
over $700.  I'm trying to reduce, but the ACPI stuff doesn't work very
well on desktops - even on Windows.  On Linux, my machines don't spin
up their HDDs upon waking, requiring a hard power-cycle.  That's enough
to make you not want to play with it much.

WOL isn't very useful, either, when your machines have encrypted HDDs
and need boot-time passwords.
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