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On Sat, Jul 31, 2010 at 11:38:28AM -0500, David Kowis wrote:
> I have an Evo and it's rooted.
> This has a build and links to instructions on how to root your Evo. It
> was reasonably painless for me. No more difficult than it was when I did
> the G1.
> the Cyanogenmod team is planning on releasing a build for the Evo.
> they've even got a Release Candidate, but it doesn't support wimax and a
> few other things, but it'll get there eventually.

Speaking of that, I need to pick a new Android phone (got tired of
iPhone-Linux incompatibilities - don't get me started) and would like
a recommendation.

It seems the EVO is the new hotness, just curious what your feelings
are about it, especially since you're in the same category as me -
intend to root it and do tethering.  In fact, I want it as a little
development platform to act as a console for a home alarm and automation
system (see for
more info).

Issues of concern are:
which carrier to go with / which phone to get
battery life and charging options
MS Exchange integration (sorry, workplace need)
Google calendar integration
syncing music over wifi (can I rsync my mp3s to it?)
ogg support

ANY suggestions are much appreciated.

PS: FROzen YOgurt.  Android 2.2.
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