[SATLUG] Sr UNIX/Linux Administrator position here in San Antonio

Sean Iffland siffland at nerdshack.com
Thu Aug 12 20:25:13 CDT 2010

Guys were are hiring another system administrator, It is a contractor
position for a government contract.  I have been on the project for, gasp, 6
years now.  It is actually fun and always a challenge.  If anyone is
interested e-mail me for questions or send me a resume. 

Here is the official blah blah blah our company posted for the position:

Position Requirements Responsible for the day to day system operations;
duties include Information Assurance, security, patching and back-ups.
Monitor performance and overall system processing, work as a member of a
team or independently, and perform daily application-level error checking
and reporting. Maintain and modify system and procedures on production and
testing databases. Participate in projects supporting infrastructure and
business applications in the HP-UX / Linux Red Hat environment. Evaluate
system products for reliability, scale-ability, supportability,
availability, performance and appropriateness to business requirements.
Monitors and tunes system to achieve optimum performance levels. Evaluate
and recommend enhancements and system changes to improve reliability and /
or performance, as well as hardware and software solutions. Installs,
configures, modifies and maintains operating systems and related software
components, (communications, systems utilities and tools). Determines system
specifications, input / output processes and working parameters for hardware
and software compatibility. Assist with printer related issues. Other duties
as required. Qualifications Required Skills: HP/UX or LInux, Data Protector,
Performance and Tuning.

Minimum Required Education: Bachelors degree from an accredited college in a
related discipline, or equivalent experience /combined education with 8
years of professional experience. Or 3 years of professional experience with
a related Masters degree. Considered career or journey level.  Security
clearance is desired, but not required.



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