[SATLUG] Advice on an ftp app?

Tweeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Sat Aug 14 03:10:19 CDT 2010

On Friday 13 August 2010 09:03:38 pm Nate wrote:
>   I have decided to start using my old Ubuntu box a little bit more, but
> I have a few gaps to fill in the work flow I am used to. Coming from (or
> perpertually trying to leave) OSX, I have grown accustomed to the way in
> which TextMate (a very good text editor) works with Transmit (an
> excellent FTP app). While Gedit is a decent text editor, I have yet to
> find an ftp app that can/will work the way that Transmit will.

FTP?  Really?
Ditch FTP man.. (unless you're talking about sftp), it's a nightmare.

> The main work I do at the moment is building Wordpress themes. My work
> flow consists of having a local copy of my files that is mirrored on the
> server. Transmit will allow me to sync my local folder to the one on the
> server. One button and they are synced up.

rsync does the same thing...
You mainly talking about a GUI (only) client?
I hear that there are some GUI wrappers for rsync.. FileZilla may actually 
include it by now. (Don't know.. I recommend it to others.. but I'm not a GUI 
xfer kind of guy).

If you control the server it's going to.. shut off FTP and turn on sshd's sftp 
subservice. Filezilla will still work fine with it.

> What's better is that in 
> TextMate, when I save my working file, I can then fire off another
> command, called Docksend (Ctrl + Shift + F), that will sync that file to
> the server through Transmit. If you are still reading at this point, my
> question(s) is/are, is there an ftp app for linux (any flavor) that will
> 1) sync a local directory to one on a server, 2) has a keyboard shortcut
> for the command, 3) and how would I be able to fire that command off
> from within Gedit or another text editor?

Again.. not a GUI man.. so from vim the command would be:
<esc>:!rsync -avz /local/dir host:remote/dir @

and I continue editing while the file xfer runs in the back ground... You 
could even assign ita macro. Here's more info on setting up vim macros:

If you're getting away from OSX.. and into Linux.. embrace the command line.. 

GUIs are fat and slow. GUIs expect point-n-clickers and breed inefficiency.
The command line is raw power.  It expects smart+lazy people to automate stuff 
and be efficient.  


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