[SATLUG] Advice on an ftp app?

Nate pixelnate at gmail.com
Sat Aug 14 03:47:36 CDT 2010

  On 8/14/10 3:10 AM, Tweeks wrote:
> On Friday 13 August 2010 09:03:38 pm Nate wrote:
>>    I have decided to start using my old Ubuntu box a little bit more, but
>> I have a few gaps to fill in the work flow I am used to. Coming from (or
>> perpertually trying to leave) OSX, I have grown accustomed to the way in
>> which TextMate (a very good text editor) works with Transmit (an
>> excellent FTP app). While Gedit is a decent text editor, I have yet to
>> find an ftp app that can/will work the way that Transmit will.
> FTP?  Really?
> Ditch FTP man.. (unless you're talking about sftp), it's a nightmare.

Honestly, I am talking Wordpress themes here. If somebody somehow 
intercepts it in transit, it wouldn't really bother me. I understand the 
gist of the suggestion, though.

>> The main work I do at the moment is building Wordpress themes. My work
>> flow consists of having a local copy of my files that is mirrored on the
>> server. Transmit will allow me to sync my local folder to the one on the
>> server. One button and they are synced up.
> rsync does the same thing...
> You mainly talking about a GUI (only) client?
> I hear that there are some GUI wrappers for rsync.. FileZilla may actually
> include it by now. (Don't know.. I recommend it to others.. but I'm not a GUI
> xfer kind of guy).
> If you control the server it's going to.. shut off FTP and turn on sshd's sftp
> subservice. Filezilla will still work fine with it.

I'll look into that, rsync, that is.

>> What's better is that in
>> TextMate, when I save my working file, I can then fire off another
>> command, called Docksend (Ctrl + Shift + F), that will sync that file to
>> the server through Transmit. If you are still reading at this point, my
>> question(s) is/are, is there an ftp app for linux (any flavor) that will
>> 1) sync a local directory to one on a server, 2) has a keyboard shortcut
>> for the command, 3) and how would I be able to fire that command off
>> from within Gedit or another text editor?
> Again.. not a GUI man.. so from vim the command would be:
> <esc>:!rsync -avz /local/dir host:remote/dir @

That whole command? I sync after almost every save and save after almost 
every change.

> and I continue editing while the file xfer runs in the back ground... You
> could even assign ita macro. Here's more info on setting up vim macros:
> http://blog.julipedia.org/2005/12/vim-macros.html

Thanks for that.

> If you're getting away from OSX.. and into Linux.. embrace the command line..

Already do, for a lot of the things it's good for. If I wanted to avoid 
the command line I would have already jumped to Windows. But Cygwin just 
isn't the same as a Bash shell.

> GUIs are fat and slow. GUIs expect point-n-clickers and breed inefficiency.
> The command line is raw power.  It expects smart+lazy people to automate stuff
> and be efficient.

You must be a sysadmin. I am not. I'm a web designer/developer. You 
can't make pretty pictures in Photoshop or Gimp or Illustrator on the 
command line. Besides, linux does have the quickest gui (gnome anyway) 
I've used. Actually, I tried Dynebolic one time and used it's 
openstep(?) and loved how quick that was, but having to run a separate 
app to see your directories was just too much for me. Honestly, I don't 
know why the hardcore floss guys are such haters. With OSX, that's 
another story. It is by far the heaviest gui on any platform. It's 
pretty but Quartz is hangs up all the time. Processors completely empty 
and yet there it is, the spinning beach ball. Ugh.

Anywho, thanks for the links. I'll definitely see if rsync works with 


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