[SATLUG] Advice on an ftp app?

Tweeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Sun Aug 15 01:16:19 CDT 2010

On Saturday 14 August 2010 03:47:36 am Nate wrote:
> > FTP?  Really?
> > Ditch FTP man.. (unless you're talking about sftp), it's a nightmare.
> Honestly, I am talking Wordpress themes here. If somebody somehow
> intercepts it in transit, it wouldn't really bother me. I understand the
> gist of the suggestion, though.

I'm not talking so much about content encryption as I am just outdated, 
old-ass protocols.  a) it's multi-port and takes stateful inspection to get 
around firewalls. (i.e. SUCKS).. and b) forget about content encryption.. *I* 
would be worried about my login/password being in the clear.. every time aI 
sync up!

> > Again.. not a GUI man.. so from vim the command would be:
> > <esc>:!rsync -avz /local/dir host:remote/dir @
> That whole command? I sync after almost every save and save after almost
> every change.

You don't even need that much... to record the whole command as the "r" macro 
within vim, just type:
	<esc>qr:!rsync -avz /local/dir host:remote/dir @<enter>q

and you've just recorded it within vim as the macro called "r".. Now to do 
it.. you just type:

WHAM! You just told vim to spawn another rsync in the background. :) Very 

> Already do, for a lot of the things it's good for. If I wanted to avoid
> the command line I would have already jumped to Windows. But Cygwin just
> isn't the same as a Bash shell.

Ehh.. yeah.. True dat! ;)

> > GUIs are fat and slow. GUIs expect point-n-clickers and breed
> > inefficiency. The command line is raw power.  It expects smart+lazy
> > people to automate stuff and be efficient.
> You must be a sysadmin. I am not.

Have been off and on over the last 15 years.. I run a couple servers.. so I 
guess technically I still am. Sure do feel rusty sometimes though.. :)

> I'm a web designer/developer. 

Ahh... Please never admin a server..  hehe ;)

> You  
> can't make pretty pictures in Photoshop or Gimp or Illustrator on the
> command line.

Actually... hehe.. (see gnuplot, imagemagick, etc)

> Besides, linux does have the quickest gui (gnome anyway) 
> I've used. 

Heh.. Check our XFCE or some of the new slimmed down GUIs. Even Faster.

What's REALLY cool is using an X GUI remotely over an ssh tunnel. Windows 
folks (and even some newed Linux folks) still have problems understanding how 
THAT works..  Imagine running Firefox on your server out in some data 
center.. but having it draw it's window and take your keyboard/mouse input 
from your local machine (not like VNC or remote desktop.. but a single 
firefox window locally that is "running" on your server.  And five other GUI 
apps.. GUIs all local.. but all "running" on machines across the Internet. 
That's the power of X (vs Windows, etc).

> With OSX, that's 
> another story. It is by far the heaviest gui on any platform. It's
> pretty but Quartz is hangs up all the time. Processors completely empty
> and yet there it is, the spinning beach ball. Ugh.

I couldn't say.. but folks on the Linux side are just as bad.  They get 
themselves a snazzy new dual core laptop with blazing fast 3d graphics card.. 
and what do they do with it?  Run some fancy 3D desktop with rendered special 
effects that ends up dragging the system (CPUs) back down. We do it to 
ourselves.. :)
But I guess with Linux.. as least you have the OPTION to do something 
different.. And I guess that's what it comes down to for me. Freedom to do 
what the hell I want.

> Anywho, thanks for the links. I'll definitely see if rsync works with
> Filezilla.

Heh.. you kinda missed my whole point there.. while checking out FileZilla 
w/rsync.. Please also start to learn vim.  Honestly, she /is/ a bit of a bitch 
to learn at first.. but after you warm up to her (or she to you).. she's a 
loyal friend who will fetch your slippers and jump through tons of hoops for 
ya! :)  Especially for editing code, HTML and XML... really cool stuff!

Here are a couple HOWTOs on using vim for web publishing:
	Basics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6WCm6z5msk&feature=related
	Web Editing: http://tips.webdesign10.com/vim-tips
	Coding Foo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcpQ7koECgk&feature=related

Good stuff...


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