[SATLUG] Partition Management

adam at quo.com adam at quo.com
Wed Aug 18 21:03:45 CDT 2010

>   Easeus Partition Master
> I just purchased my first ever lap top.  It was an impulse buy - $300 at
> Walmart for an Aspire 5251-1513.  Anyway, I am wanting to put Linux on
> it of course.  It is currently running Windows 7 (what a piece of s**t,
> but I digress.)  Has anyone ever used the freeware Easeus Partition
> Master?  I want to have the partitioning already done before I try and
> install Linux.   Anyone?  Anyone?  Buehller?

I have to ask... WHY do you want to do all the partitioning before you try
to install Linux? Most Linux installers today run in a LiveCD environment
and have partitioning tools comparable to pretty much any commercial
software I've seen (better than many). Is your setup going to be
particularly complex? These days it really is a safe bet to let most
distros do their own auto-partitioning, unless you need a bunch of
specific partitions for triple-booting or something.


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