[SATLUG] Re: Error Message

Daniel Villarreal youcanlinux at gmail.com
Fri Aug 20 10:55:59 CDT 2010

Have you tried Tiny Core Linux (http://www.tinycorelinux.com/) yet ?

>From the site... "Tiny Core Linux is a very small (10 MB) minimal Linux GUI

---- redacted-----

> Thanks for your suggestions.  It has something to do with the new (ok, new
> to me) KDE 4.*.  You can't un-install Dolphin or you'll create all sorts of
> issues.  I have reached the point now where I am simply no longer a fan of
> KDE.  I had enough with all of that Plasma stuff.
> I just installed XFCE and so far, I am loving it.  /Basics/ - that is all I
> want.  I never was much into bells and whistles.  It is amazing how quick it
> is!
> I have another question, but I'll post it separately with a new subject
> line.
> Thanks again.

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