[SATLUG] Partition Management

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Aug 20 11:12:02 CDT 2010

Charles Hogan wrote:

> I used KDE in the pre 4.* days for several years.  I did my level best 
> to get 4.* to "look and feel" like 3.5.  I got the look, but it never 
> quite felt the same.  I ended up switching to Gnome.  Good luck with 
> getting to act the way you want.

I also prefer KDE 3.5.  In fact I still use it.  The look and feel of 
KDE4 is just not comfortable to me.  Probably the most important app to 
me is konsole.   They managed to make it feel different in KDE4.  The 
next most important thing is kicker -- the task bar.  Other than that, 
there is little I need.  Others kapps I occasionally use are kdvi, 
kruler, and  some of the games.   I never use konquorer, kate, kdevelop, 
koffice, kmail, or any of the other major pieces.

   -- Bruce

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