[SATLUG] Partition Management

pcdls pcdls.ronin at gmail.com
Sun Aug 22 01:22:27 CDT 2010

On 8/21/2010 4:57 PM, Geoff wrote:
> Charles Hogan wrote:
>> I used KDE in the pre 4.* days for several years.  I did my level best
>> to get 4.* to "look and feel" like 3.5.  I got the look, but it never
>> quite felt the same.  I ended up switching to Gnome.  Good luck with
>> getting to act the way you want.
> I don't get that.  Most of us (whether we admit to it or not) came from
> a windows environment.  We -up-graded to Linux.  When there are new
> "sparklies" and "play pretties" on the Linux desktop, why wouldn't we
> (collectively speaking) want to adapt and grow with it?
> It's not like we were dragged, kicking and screaming and with great
> resistance from our Windows environment.  Hell, LOTS of us wanted to
> stay in an environment that we knew, but were just tired of the
> propaganda and lack of security features that the evil empire (The
> Redmond Giant) refused/refuses to incorporate into it's Operating
> System.  So, we embraced the chance at freedom from insanity... and now
> it seems that there we are again, kicking and screaming and refusing to
> advance, grow and progress.
> I don't know about the rest of you, but when those who make the
> decisions of what's new in each distro about what should be
> incorporated, I'd have to say that since I'm not on the developing team,
> that they have a WHOLE LOT MORE knowledge about what works, and what
> doesn't.
> Sure, most of any aspect of a gui is merely eye-candy and resource
> heavy, but as Linux enthusiasts, are we not knowledgeable enough to
> peak-n-tweek our systems to be something we -want-, while embracing the new?
> Just my .02c.
> Your mileage may vary.
> --
> Regards,
> -Geoff
+1 Geoff.
I've seen Linux as both a challenge (a good one) and a blessing.  My 
experiences have been enriched and my tasks simplified with the great 
tools that many of these Linux distros have provided.  I could even say 
that it has, in a way, reaffirmed my faith in the peaceful growth that 
we, as human beings, can all accomplish.  The people behind these 
distros deserve our respect and our thanks.

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