[SATLUG] Partition Management

pcdls pcdls.ronin at gmail.com
Sun Aug 22 20:54:06 CDT 2010

On 8/22/2010 7:14 AM, Don Davis wrote:
>> +1 Geoff.
>> I've seen Linux as both a challenge (a good one) and a blessing.  My
>> experiences have been enriched and my tasks simplified with the great
>> tools that many of these Linux distros have provided.  I could even say
>> that it has, in a way, reaffirmed my faith in the peaceful growth that
>> we, as human beings, can all accomplish.  The people behind these
>> distros deserve our respect and our thanks.
>> pcdls
> Wow. That's quite a quote. It should be done in cross point and hung on
> the wall. It completely echoes my sentiment. This really is a good
> quote. It would go quite well in the documentation for the study
> results. Please write me off list (or on list) if I have your permission
> to use it.
I don't understand why you would need such an abstraction as 
"permission" to spread a sentiment that many people already share.  
Asking my permission implies that I own the the letters, the words and 
the relevant organization of these letters and words into useful and 
coherent forms.  Letters and words serve merely as infrastructure for 
the spread of sentiment, aspirations, emotions and ideas.  And none of 
us are diminished when we spread these things, we all are, instead, 

Spread the word.


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