[SATLUG] Partition Management

Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Sun Aug 22 20:55:35 CDT 2010

Don Davis wrote:
> Well, I plan to specifically quote you - an APA type quote most likely
> with name or handle.
> Thank you

Just so everyone understands, in no way did I intend for or suggest that
the feelings or likes of the original poster be minimalized.
Past SATLUG president and board member Jeremy Mann summarized it best
when he claimed that be it a PC or a MAC or /whatever/, it's _still_ a
"P"ersonal "C"omputer than therefore your "P"ersonal "C"hoice applies
for what fits best for you (collectively speaking when I say /you/, of

As for me, I -was- running KDE 4.x on a Dell SC430 Power Edge dual-core
2.8GHz machine w/2gig ram and 2 80gig harddrives until kinitd said
"screw you - I quit!"  I Loaded up ICEWM and haven't changed, nor wanted
to.  xfce was ok - and I relearned spawning processes from a terminal
window, but IceWM has a minimal GUI that I can live with.

I've beeb running Linux exclusively now since around September of last
year (save a brief excursion to the laptop on occasion).

I think the best ever program I've used, is one I'm using now, and that
is NX.  I'm logged onto my server (which does -not- have an X-session
running) but transferring xwindow packets over an ssh tunnel to my home
screen allows me to see the KDE 3.5.7 screen as if I was at a local

Gonna get it installed on the desktop at home so I can log into it from
the laptop while tethered to my 'Droid, while I'm on the road :-)

(Baja Spring, TX)
[aka: North Gunspoint, aka: North Houston]

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