[SATLUG] dual booting my windoze box

Don Wright satlug at sbcglobal.net
Tue Aug 24 17:30:58 CDT 2010

Enrique Sanchez wrote:

>I am about to dual boot my windoze laptop, and was wondering whether
>the std linux distros, well ubuntu, would work around my windows env
>and leave the 50 out of 200 used GB untouched or do I have to
>partition it b4 installing linux.

The partition library in Linux is pretty good now. You'll find most
distros make it easy to shrink Windows while installing. There are a
number of free CDs that feature good partitioners and other maintenance

>I remember long ago (10+yrs) when I did this, I had to use a special
>program to move the windows data into a contiguous area before
>attempting it, but I don't find any references around anymore....

The old rules still apply, but the risk of ignoring them has gone down a
little, because the installers have gained in Clue and Cunning.

A. Do a good Windows (or other OS) backup, defragment the drive (if
possible), and use the latest utility available to shrink the existing
OS partition to make room for Linux.

2. Most consumer systems include several "hidden" partitions that the
manufacturer has created to restore the system to its factory-fresh
state. Don't touch these.

pi. Make separate /boot and /home partitions using something simple like
ext3, so the weird stuff you do later won't leave you crying.

Lastly, have a spare system or at least a Puppy CD so you can call for
help when entropy has its way.

Be well - or at least have interesting symptoms!

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