[SATLUG] is there any need for a 64-bit binary on Linux?

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Wed Aug 25 18:23:42 CDT 2010

Hey all,

Hard to fit the full question into the subject line.  I realize
programs needing more than 4GB of memory need to be 64-bit, so please
read this email before shooting off that answer :-)

Not sure where to ask this, but, I had a co-worker ask me whether
32-bit binaries worked on Linux, and if so, if there was any immediate
need to do a port of our standalone player.

Based on what I can tell on Ubuntu, 32-bit binaries work out of the
box.  For example, my /usr/bin/rar is a 32-bit binary.  /lib32 exists
and appears to be populated at install time.

I imagine there are cases where you can't run 32-bit binaries; can
anyone tell me what those are?  How urgent would you say a 64-bit
port would be?

Of course we do need a 64-bit of the browser plugin since it
communicates with a 64-bit browser.

If you have an idea of where else to ask this, please LMK.  I'm
thinking the Ubuntu mlists/NGs/whatever might be a good place.  LMKL
seems like the wrong place.  And I don't currently have a subscription
to a high-quality LUG mlist here locally, so I'm asking you guys ;-)
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