[SATLUG] dual booting my windoze box

Doug ftm at satx.rr.com
Wed Aug 25 23:20:28 CDT 2010

I have as a server a amd 64 dual quad running the 64  bit version of Windows
7 professional, and am running Ubuntu 32 bit in virtual space.  It has a 1.5
tb drive with a 200 gb partition set aside for the Linux, which is
supporting Postfix and does duty as a mail server.
I have a 2nd virtual  space with another Linux installation supporting web
services and the third virtual space hosting a MySQL database. The database
supports the web sites hosted. Each virtual space is assigned a specific
amount of processor percentage.
I set this up as an experiment but found it runs great, and does not break a
sweat running all the services on one box and only requires one fixed IP
And one network card. Each service talks to the other as needed as well.
This has now run for a year with only the occasional reboot as the software
updates are installed.  I connect to each service remotely for

My point is that Linux and Windows will work together quite well.

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On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 5:01 PM, Enrique Sanchez
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> thnx to all, I used these steps, and repartitioned the disk with 
> GParted, the data survived the windoze boot record, did not, but that 
> is ok, I wasn't planning to go back as I had already tested the apps I 
> needed to run on a 2ndary box.
> the only missing thing is HW support for the 802.11g card, I should 
> find about that in a couple of minutes.
> best regards,
> esv.
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well, surprise surprise surprise,

I installed Ubuntu 10.x and it detected an existing Windoze partition, asked
whether I wanted to install it side to side or do a full disk reinstall, I
went with the side to side one, somehow it fixed the windows boot record or
I was too impatient with the previous boot (I booted the windows partition
out of desperation trying to fix a problem with OpenOffice's calc program),
but the end result is that now I have a dual boot machine.

I haven't been so lucky in the wifi land but that does not worry me much
> Enrique Sanchez Vela
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Enrique Sanchez Vela
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