[SATLUG] Re: [XCSSA] XCSSA/SATLUG December Mixer at Rackspace?

Tweeks tweeks at rackspace.com
Fri Dec 3 16:42:28 CST 2010

Hey all..

A couple SATLUG folks, Steve Kolars and I met at Rackspace today and worked 
out the final details of the Wednesday the 8th mixer.

We changed rooms at Rackspace. We're no longer in the corner room.. we're now 
in rooms 2058/59/60 (one big room) that will mean we have direct, unescorted 
access to the bathrooms.. PLUS access to the fountain drink/break area. :)

Anyway.. here's the map:

** PLEASE BRING THE PRINT OUT OF THE MAP or you won't get past the 
** security guards in the parking lot!

Show them the map to get into the parking area.. then, those who have RSVPd, 
you will quickly get signed in, get two drink tickets (for two margaritas), 
and can walk yourself to room 2058.  Those who have not RSVPd will have to 
have a cheesy hand written badge made, get signed in, stand in security 
booth, and have TSA perform a "deep frisk".
Please RSVP.. ;)

There will be secured wifi connectivity (access info on the whiteboard), 
multi-head projector/screen system, and I think there's a sound system to 
plug in to.

If anyone gets lost.. get the phone numbers of the SATLUG officers.. and they 
can get Rackers to get you in if you show up late or get lost.

Bring finger food, your favorite snack or drinks. (no external booze please ;)

That's about it!
Let me know if there are any related questions..

Hope to see you there!


On Thursday 18 November 2010, Thomas Weeks wrote:
> Hey all..
> we're still working on the details.. but would you all be interested in
> having the SATLUG/XCSSA Christmas mixer this year at Rackspace at the
> Windsor Mall?
> It's located on Walsam just south of the I35/410 intersection on the NE
> side of town:
> 	http://tinyurl.com/rackspace-sa
> If this is a problem for anyone (commute/traffic wise).. let me know.
> It's not a done deal.. we're trying to line up the resources for Dec 8th
> from 7pm on.. but I just wanted to check with you all to see if that
> sounded cool/do-able for our mixer venue this year or not..?
> lemme know (just reply here)
> Tweeks
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