[SATLUG] Filesystem/RAID advice

Thomas Weeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Sat Dec 4 11:36:07 CST 2010

On Wednesday, December 01, 2010 08:54:14 pm travis+ml-satlug at subspacefield.org 
> I heard XFS performed better for large files, and I tried it on Linux
> many years ago.  I was using SELinux and LVM at the time, on FC5 or
> something like that.  I found that, more often than not, during
> shutdown, the kernel would panic in some function involving xfs and
> timestamps.  This meant that shutting down was usually an unclean
> event.
> My experience has been that integrity is more important to me than
> performance.  I ran from XFS, quickly, and never looked back.  YMMV.

After Reiser ("The Killer Filesystem") became defunct... I jumped over to XFS 
for my Myth rig.. worked great. My current load I went back to ext3 (just to 
try it on Myth) and it's a nightmare for handling large files. Forget it. XFS 
seems to work best for me.. and I'll never trust a first generation filesystem 
like ext4. Especially ext4. ;)

> One thing about oddball file systems; if you ever have to recover the
> data, not having the tools on your ISOs can make your life hard.  You
> can work around this by doing a full Linux install on a USB stick,
> then installing your tools.  Slow but works.

For data recovery.. I really like ext3 for being able to mount read only, as 
ext2 or  recovery tools like ext3grep... it rocks (from a recovery 
perspective). Just sucks for large/many file applications.


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