[SATLUG] Call for 2011 Leaders

Don Wright satlug at sbcglobal.net
Mon Dec 6 21:13:22 CST 2010

Christopher Lemire wrote:
>Ok, what else is planned?

>On Mon, Dec 6, 2010 at 12:49 PM, Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I have updated the web site with instructions abut the Rackspace meeting
>> location.  The meeting is Wednesday, December 8 at 7PM.

In addition to the previously-mentioned SATLUG annual meeting, this is
also the annual XCSSA/SATLUG Christmas/Kwanzaa/Dewali/Solstice/Hanukah/
Whatever party/mixer. This year Rackspace is providing margaritas as
well as the room. Club members are bringing food (hint, hint), and a few
of us are bringing digital goodies. Please be sure to RSVP (info below)
to save time getting into the festivities.

Here's the recently-posted info from Tom Weeks, president of XCSSA and
one of the longest-surviving Rackers in captivity:

>We changed rooms at Rackspace. We're no longer in the corner room.. we're now 
>in rooms 2058/59/60 (one big room) that will mean we have direct, unescorted 
>access to the bathrooms.. PLUS access to the fountain drink/break area. :)
>Anyway.. here's the map:
>	http://xcssa.org/files/Rackspace-rm2058_Event-Map.pdf
>** PLEASE BRING THE PRINT OUT OF THE MAP or you won't get past the 
>** security guards in the parking lot!
>Show them the map to get into the parking area.. then, those who have RSVPd, 
>you will quickly get signed in, get two drink tickets (for two margaritas), 
>and can walk yourself to room 2058.  Those who have not RSVPd will have to 
>have a cheesy hand written badge made, get signed in, stand in security 
>booth, and have TSA perform a "deep frisk".
>Please RSVP.. ;)
>There will be secured wifi connectivity (access info on the whiteboard), 
>multi-head projector/screen system, and I think there's a sound system to 
>plug in to.
>If anyone gets lost.. get the phone numbers of the SATLUG officers.. and they 
>can get Rackers to get you in if you show up late or get lost.
>Bring finger food, your favorite snack or drinks. (no external booze please ;)
>That's about it!
>Let me know if there are any related questions..
>Hope to see you there!

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