[SATLUG] Re: Last call to RSVP for the XCSSA/SATLUG Mixer at Rackspace Wed night!

Tweeks tweeks at rackspace.com
Wed Dec 8 14:15:26 CST 2010

Last minute room change...

Our room at the Rackspace mixer has changed.  We're no longer meeting in room 
2058 by the front entrance. We're now around back, in the left-rear corner of 
the building (a much cooler room really) called the Racker Rally Room, 
labled "Event" in this map:

The parking lot security guards will still let you drive into the fenced in 
area if you have a map print out in hand.  If you do not you could be 
delayed.  There will be signs guiding you to the event parking area in the 

If anyone gets lost.. just look for the main entrance that looks like this:

And walk/drive around the left side of the building.  Park near the big walled 
in green generator (see in the PDF map above), park and walk across to the 
outside corner of the Racker Rally Room where we'll get you checked in.

See you there!


On Tuesday 07 December 2010, Tweeks wrote:
> If you're thinking about coming.. please RSVP by tonight, or you will not
> be accounted for (have a printed name tag) and will experience a check-in
> delay at the front door. RSVP via one of these links:
> 	<mailto:mixer at xcssa.org?subject=RSVP for XCSSA/SATLUG Mixer at Rackspace>
> 	mixer at xcssa.org
> Don says that we're currently at around 32 heads.  Cool!
> And again.. to get past the parking lot security guards, you need to have
> this map in hand:
> 	http://xcssa.org/files/Rackspace-Event-Map.pdf
> Food Details:
> If you're eating.. please bring a finger food, snack or something. (except
> you students.. ;)   We should be good with drinks... Rackspace has an open
> (as in free soda) fountain drink "refueling station".. plus Fredrik (XCSSA)
> is stocking his Cooler-bot with drinks, and it will be roaming around
> serving beverages too.  Plus there's the Margarita machine.. So unless you
> have something very specific.. we should be good (no BYOB please).
> That's about it..  If there are any questions.. let myself or one of the
> SATLUG officers know!
> See ya there!
> Tweeks

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