[SATLUG] Meet at Rackspace?

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 22:09:19 CST 2010

Howard Haradon wrote:
> Hello,  as some may know, SATLUG has been invited to
> hold our regular meetings at Rackspace's Windsor Park office.
> They are talking about giving us considerable support in addition
> to just a meeting room.  We would have WiFi and ethernet internet
> access, use of built-in VGA projectors, as needed use of
> their PC learning rooms, and, not least, drinks
> from the Rackspace soda fountain!  Anyway, they are seeking
> to support open source software here in SA, and see us as
> a group that they can help.
> Please post your comments.

I have one concern about Rackspace:  getting through security.  If that 
problem is solved, then the location is certainly more convenient for me 
personally.  Perhaps the tradeoff between the security issue and the 
awful parking at SAC is about equivalent.

The bigger problem in my mind is the lack of programs.  The task of the 
Program Manager is thankless and difficult.  Since SATLUGers have a wide 
range of experience, it is difficult for a presenter to come up with 
something that would interest the experienced users without being too 
difficult for the less experienced users.

I don't think anyone wants to hear the same presenter every meeting, yet 
getting volunteers is very difficult.  I don't want to just complain 
though.  I'm willing to do one presentation a year.

   -- Bruce

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