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Tue Dec 14 17:03:30 CST 2010

On Tue, 14 Dec 2010 21:26:53 -0600
mark <mark at kandm-solutions.com> wrote:

> I work in the CIS department computer lab at SAC.
> We still install Linux on machines for students in the computer lab at
> SAC. Unfortunately most of the students at SAC don't see learning
> about Linux or other UNIX-likes as important. We try to highlight it's
> importance in the lab but it is a struggle.

That is really unfortunate.  I'm am always impressed by all of the
applications that modern Linux distributions provide...for free!!!

You can simulate electrical circuits in pspice, and design them with
geda.  You can configure any kind of server.  You can create graphics
and artwork with it.  You can drive a 3-axis cnc.  You can emulate a
hardware environment. You can make 3-d graphic designs. You can program
for AVRs, 8051s, ARMs, MSP430s, 8086s, FPGAs and more.  You can do
bookkeeping with it.  You can take notes with it.  You can rewrite it's
kernel, it's drivers.  You can browse, chat and email with it.

It can be everything a musician, artist, engineer, artisan, scientist,
philosopher, writer, and boobus can ever need.

Then, again, most kids these days are content with their XBoxes,
PlayStations and Wii's.  Ooops!!! You can emulate those!!!

It, combined with everything that open-source offers, is a great,
magnificent, beautifully configurable tool capable of ANYTHING.

But a tool is nothing without a skilled technician.  Very few people
seek to be skilled these days.

Unfortunate, indeed.


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