[SATLUG] Meet at Rackspace?

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Dec 21 11:04:15 CST 2010

steve kolars wrote:
> But Peter also makes a good point about Rackspace parking.. folks should
> keep
>> in mind that the entrance check is a small price to pay, as the added
>> security
>> keeps local thugs out of our lot, and out of your dash so that we can all
>> enjoy the meetings, worry free. ;) Especially for you mobile Ham rig guys..
>> :)
> The security is an excellent point. SAC is not in the best part of town
> after dark. My ONLY concern: if Tweeks is not here, will we still be able to
> get the support we need at Rackspace?

Well we've had several instances over the last few years when there was 
no one at SAC to allow us entry for the meeting.

   -- Bruce

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