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On Mon, Oct 11, 2010 at 11:44:09PM -0500, Othniel Graichen wrote:
> Windows can be given access to more resources like RAM than the machine
> actually has and
> Linux will speed up Windows to run faster in such a VM environment than it
> runs directly on the
> bare metal -- without a Hypervisor/VMM.
> I don't care if you believe me or think I'm exagerating.  I've seen it and
> measured it.
> Read and understand this next paragraph before you say no to the idea:
> VM technology transforms a single system having a certain amount of RAM,
> CPUs and
> Disk space into network of computer systems each with its own unique IP
> address.
> Communication between the machines in the virtual network does not use an
> actual
> network transmission but rather something many times faster.  So with VM
> technology
> you can run both OS you want simultaneously, manage your limited resources
> more
> efficiently and implement a network of connected computers using a single
> machine.
> This is a reliable and proven technology.

BTW, I finally went back and re-read this.

In retrospect, it seems like he meant that two VMs (running different
OSes) communicating over a virtual network all running on one piece of
hardware may be faster than running two boxes and a real network.
That seems eminently reasonable.

Sorry Othniel, I think we were talking at cross purposes.

Sure, in this case, if you need two OSes, then running them as VMs
communicating over a virtual network could be much faster; after
all, it's just copying data in memory, rather than in meatspace.
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