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the best way I learned linux was to use it for everything.  If I wanted to do video editing, I searched for Linux apps, went through all the drama of broken dependencies, fixing them etc.   I also wanted Linux alternatives to Windows apps, so I started down that learning path.  Then I wanted to host my own website so I built a Linux server (now a Solaris server).

Windows is a necessary evil.  If you end up fixing other peoples computers a majority will have Windows.

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I have no real computer training. I learned how to use a computer after
being given a used one in 1997. After getting tired of Windows, I switched
to Ubuntu about 2 years ago. Everything I've learned has been by using the
computers, and some occasional forum reading, and books when I needed help.
I would really like to know more about how Linux works. Can anyone recommend
a good, inexpensive online or local course(s)? I've also thought of learning
computer repair. Does anyone know of courses that don't require Windows
I'm mostly interested in learning for my own benefit. But if I can earn a
few dollars here and there with my new knowledge, that would be great, too.
Thanks for your help!
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