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I have no real computer training. I learned how to use a computer after
being given a used one in 1997. After getting tired of Windows, I switched
to Ubuntu about 2 years ago. Everything I've learned has been by using the
computers, and some occasional forum reading, and books when I needed help.
I would really like to know more about how Linux works. Can anyone recommend
a good, inexpensive online or local course(s)? I've also thought of learning
computer repair. Does anyone know of courses that don't require Windows
I'm mostly interested in learning for my own benefit. But if I can earn a
few dollars here and there with my new knowledge, that would be great, too.
Thanks for your help!

Hello Ms Dockery,
I do not recall seeing a post before, so welcome to the Satlug list. It is a wonderful resource for help. When I first was trying to learn (3yrs ago) enough to leave MSwin I had chosen RedHat and had found it very difficult and help was mostly way over my head.

I searched for users groups and located Satlug where after several post and whining, Dan Givins issued some tough love and suggested that I should stop whining and give a more friendly distribution and more like the MS I was used to, He suggested Ubuntu at that time was 7.04 and I got my feathers ruffled but I really cannot thank him enough, went with his advice and never looked back. I am now running 10.04 and it does everything that I want to do.

I am retired. I do not work for a living & cannot comment to earning money using this knowledge. I doubt there is a short path to become strong enough to perform in more than a newbie capacity, Alex is correct, most potential customers do run MS-OS.

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