[SATLUG] Need a +1/-1 vote on monthly meetings at Rackspace

Samuel Leon satlug at net153.net
Tue Dec 28 19:46:25 CST 2010


On 12/27/2010 04:33 PM, Thomas Weeks wrote:
> <Local LUG geek hat>
> Ok folks... we've been debating this for weeks now.  We've all heard the
> pros/cons for moving SATLUG meetings to Rackspace (XCSSA already voted to move
> several weeks ago).. Can we each just reply with an +1/-1 vote?
> Not to fan the coals of the monthly SATLUG-TPBP debate, but for this purpose..
> please top post your vote so that we can get a quick/accurate count. ;)
> Besides the two open issues below.. if anyone else has any additional
> thoughts, please include them BELOW your +1/-1 vote.
> <Racker rep hat>
> Hey Howard/Don..
> On the future SATLUG meetings at Rackspace vote; Can you all get a count (if
> you feel all the questions have been addressed) and get back with John and I?
>  From what I've read, the two semi-open issues are:
> 	* Having dedicated rackers to assist with building access
> 	* Streamlining remaining parking access process
> On the dedicated-racker-bodies side for building access.. I think that John
> and I are setting up an internal Rackspace mail list (with around a dozen
> internal Racker volunteers) that you or anyone can send to to verify
> people/resource availability (or ask for help) with regards to building
> access.  The thinking here is that the week before a meeting, the meeting
> announcement would be CCd to this list (to announce and request the
> resources)... and also function as a backup life-line for SATLUG folks
> pounding on the doors (e.g. the mail list could function as a backup life-line
> to dedicated internal Rackers that folks could send from their phone (or
> whatever) to get everyone in if someone's dropped the ball).
> I'm just back into town today and am starting to work on streamlining these
> final issues. Get us the +1/-1 vote counts.. and any additional/outstanding
> concerns and John and I will work on getting them addressed.
> Thanks all,
> Tweeks

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