[SATLUG] info, advice training

Renee Dockery rdockery84 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 28 21:35:14 CST 2010

Thanks for the encouragement so far. I'm enjoying trying things out on
Ubuntu. And I've tried a few other distros by way of live cd's, and now live
usb drives. Like I said before, I mainly want to learn for my own benefit.
(Helping others switch over to Linux would be nice, too.) I'd like to do
more of my own maintenance and repair on my family computers without having
to resort to Windows. I'm basically the family IT person, learning as I go.
Right now I don't have my own, but borrow my husband's old laptop that I set
up with Ubuntu 10.10. The hdd is only 20GB, so I don't have it dual-boot.
How can I learn more about using the command line, for example? I feel like
I'm only scratching the surface of what I could do with Linux.
Are any of the online certification courses worthwhile?
Thanks again!

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