[SATLUG] cortado applet for streaming web content

mark mark at kandm-solutions.com
Wed Dec 29 11:43:40 CST 2010

A lot of you may be aware of this already, but I thought I would mention
it just in case. While trying to avoid linking to other peoples videos
(youtube) or using proprietary software to create them I found a great
java applet. The cortado applet uses open source (and is open source)
video and audio codecs and java (requires the java runtime environment)
to display audio/video files on webpages. I thought it was pretty cool
and I'm using it for some videos on my site

Its supposed to replace the funtionality of the html5 video tag for non
html5 pages or even in them as a back up for non html5 browsers. 

This works great in conjunction with flash (one as a back up to the
other). Most people will have either flashplayer or the jre.

if interested its here:

if you're wondering my videos use the applet in valid xhtml strict and
work in firefox and ie (should work in all browsers that support the


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