[SATLUG] Re: wifi question

Frank Huddleston fhuddles at gmail.com
Wed Dec 29 23:48:31 CST 2010


    I just went through a little bit of wifi madness myself, and ran 
across some other wifi managing applications you might find useful:
wicd    : I think this works the wiconfig (wireless-tools) programs, and 
saves profiles. I don't think it does WPA2 without some mods to its 
configuration, though
wifi-radar : used by people who roam around betwen wireless access points.
I myself had to connect to my WPA2 wireless access point, and used 
Gnome's nm-applet (netmanager applet). It presents a list of available
wireless networks, and lets you enter a password if required. Once you 
connect, it can remember the password so that connection is automatic 
next time (I think you can configure this).

It's nice to have some options: if one thing doesn't work, another one 


Frank Huddleston

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