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Renee, I think someone posted this link: 
It is a wonderful resource and I encourage you to start with lesson one. This course is not certified yet but perhaps by time you take it, will be so. 

As you move along on Linux Lane and get stuck, as will almost surely happen, this list is also a great resource. In the three years of my trip I have surely used it a lot. Just in the few days since you introduced yourself perhaps you are reading the queries posted and how fast those persons got just the help that they needed. I would love to attend some of the events but located close to 100mi N of Houston makes it too difficult. In any event keep at it and let us know how you are doing.

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Thanks for all the great input! It looks like I'll continue reading books on
Linux for now, maybe spend some more time at the forums. The Open Source
Fest sounds interesting, too.
I thought studying for some sort of certification would help, but nobody
mentioned that. I guess I'm just making things more complicated than
necessary. (I do that from time to time.)
Thanks again.
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