[SATLUG] Do you know any Texas schools or educators that use Gnu/Linux?

Don Davis dondavis at reglue.org
Thu Feb 4 06:58:39 CST 2010

> What is this for?

That's a good question. As an educator, I'd like to be able to network 
with other educators and schools that use Gnu/Linux. It would also help 
to build up a support system. (I understand that Gnu/Linux has a great 
community support structure, but many conversations in regards to 
education can best take place (or are more meaningful) within a context 
of educators.)
One example:
Bob is a tech coordinator. He wants to know if a Gnu/Linux system is 
right for him and his school. He gets on his local LUG list and talks to 
a lot of great people but at the end of the day they won't have had 
experience with the programs and configurations he's interested in e.g.:
Which textbooks do you use with that?
What about the credit recovery programs?
How does Study Island, Grade Speed, A+, D2SC, ... work with that?

I'm also sharing a talk with educators and thought it would be helpful 
to have a map of schools using Gnu/Linux (Debian edu does something 

My preliminary presentation layouts are here:

Thank you.

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