[SATLUG] Palm Pre w/Linux

Nate pixelnate at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 22:20:01 CST 2010

On 2/5/10 10:04 PM, Geoff wrote:
> So... that'll be the next phone i'm getting, because it -has- linux as
> the OS, because it can be made into a wifi router, and you -can- tether
> it to a wifi device.
Bravo. So you are going with Verizon, then? I am holding out for the Pre 
on AT&T. The wife really wants an iPhone, so I have to wait for now.

Just be aware that in the tests (admittedly non-scientific tests) the 
Pre's wifi sharing is about half the speed of Verizon's MiFi service. 
Just FYI. Any tethering is good tethering. Hear that Sprint? I don't 
know if their tethering is worth $40/mo, though.
> My question is, are there any other phones (droid) out there that can do
> the same?
I don't think so. Unless you jailbreak your phone.

Now that I think about it, you could probably share the wifi connection 
from an N900 (and it runs linux). But you'd have to go with T-Maybe and 
pay full price for the phone. Maemo isn't the most user-friendly UI, but 
since you're using linux anyway, you are undoubtedly used to that. It 
does have the best mobile browser available, though.


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