[SATLUG] Palm Pre w/Linux

Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Sat Feb 6 04:03:27 CST 2010

Nate wrote:
> On 2/5/10 10:04 PM, Geoff wrote:
>> So... that'll be the next phone i'm getting, because it -has- linux as
>> the OS, because it can be made into a wifi router, and you -can- tether
>> it to a wifi device.
> Bravo. So you are going with Verizon, then? 

oh, HELL no!  ;-)  Sprint.  Since i'm there now with my Crackberry Curve
8350i (with another nextel and a rumor on that account that are fixing
to expire from contract) adding the Palm Pre is going to be  simply
9.95/mo for an additional line, to be used on the Data share program.

Beats the snot outta paying $60/mo for a flippin' air-card!

> I am holding out for the Pre on AT&T. The wife really wants an iPhone,
> so I have to wait for now.

The bitter-half has the rumor and the other nextel.  I just asked her if
she -had- to have NexTel, since i'm the only one she talks to. 
So, I -think- I've got her talked into a Blackberry Curve, or a Droid. 
We saw one of those demonstrated last night by a friend.  Sweet machine,
for the "toy" aspect of it... but can it be tethered, and it, too, is on
Sprint.  I'm not sure of the OS, but I -know- that with the Pre, you can
get to the command line and have root access of the phone.  I likes dat! ;-)

> Just be aware that in the tests (admittedly non-scientific tests) the
> Pre's wifi sharing is about half the speed of Verizon's MiFi service. 

It's more than what I have now.  As long as it'll move data, I think
I'll be ok, tethering it to my laptop for running down the road is the

I wonder if it'll be enough for low-quality VoIP?

I drive hot-shot around the Houston area, now, mostly because 1) it pays
the bills. 
Occasionally, I'll get out to some remote spot that the dispatchers have
  1) given the wrong address,
  2) given the wrong street name or
  3) given the wrong company name. 

Sure, I get the page on the phone, and it's there in black and white,
but that doesn't resolve the short-circuit between the keyboard and the
operators chair.  The Crackberry has come to my rescue now, multiple
times and I've only had it Three weeks. 

But, because the 8350i is on the iDEN network, it does some funky
schite, and is slower than a heard of snails, charging through a field
of peanut-butter.  If the war-department is gonna get a crackberry as
well, she might as well get something that's gonna be at least less
frustrating than -this- silly thing.  That (the frustration) will go
away for me with the Pre, using it as a wifi router, as then (when the
silly iDEN phone is within wifi range) I'll be able to re-connect to
Pandora (while on the road) and turn my crackberry back into my (as she
calls it) my ipod! ;-)

> Just FYI. Any tethering is good tethering. Hear that Sprint? I don't
> know if their tethering is worth $40/mo, though.

The neat thing about the Palm Pre, is that if it's on the shared data
plan (simply everything), you never have to use minutes on it. 
Everything is data ;-)  $9.95 is -much- easier to pay than $60/mo, or
$40/mo for tethering.  Just don't -tell- 'em, you want the Pre for

>> My question is, are there any other phones (droid) out there that can do
>> the same?
> I don't think so. Unless you jailbreak your phone.

I wouldn't want to jailbreak the droid if I got it.  I'd have to wait
till the warranty ran out, first.  Age does that to ya.  the older you
get, the more important insurance is.

> Now that I think about it, you could probably share the wifi
> connection from an N900 (and it runs linux). But you'd have to go with
> T-Maybe 

ya lost me there.  T(nt)-Mobile doesn't do it for me.  I never -have-
been impressed with them, and still regard them somewhere between
cricket and pocket. (can we agree that those are the bottom feeders of
the cell phone industry?)

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