[SATLUG] Follow up to Nate's IPv6 Presentation at ther OS Fest

Nate Durr nate.durr at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 17:44:41 CST 2010

> Don't use Hurricane Electric. They have blocked IRC over ipv6 in the
> past and I've had troubles with the tunnel working and staying up.

Hurricane Electric is quick and straight forward compared to sixxs.  I
have had no problems with the tunnel staying up.  You will run into
problems using HE for your tunnel if your IP address changes often.  I
was up and running with ipv6 from HE in less then an hour, and getting
an additional /48 allocation was quick.

> 10 Steps to IPv6
> http://www.sixxs.net/faq/account/?faq=10steps
> sixxs.net is quite good, and they have a PoP(Point of Presence) in
> Dallas. They use a piece of software called aiccu, and it does an
> excellent job keeping the tunnel up. I have had a tunnel, and subnet,
> with them for a long time now, and am consistently satisfied.

Using aiccu with sixxs is easier if you are behind a NAT, because HE
only supports 6in4 tunnels.  While sixxs supported more  tunnel
options they force you to wait for approval to often.  When I did my
testing with sixxs it was during the Holidays so the wait could be a
non-issue now.

I am still using HE for ipv6 connectivity at my house, but still find
having the aiccu client on my laptop really handy because it traverses
NAT.  I also find having two providers makes makes troubleshooting
easier.  Thanks for the heads up on the blocked IRC.


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