Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 17:46:46 CST 2010

swayne swayne wrote:
> how can i create and account to edit the wiki i click on create account and
> nothing happens

Read the Main Page:

Administration note

Self registration to modify pages on this wiki has been disabled due to 
spam. If a SATLUG member wants to obtain registration to update the wiki 
pages, send a request to mailto:officers at satlug.org with your requested 
user name and password.
Actually that won't work very well though.  I redirected my email to 
/dev/null because 99% of the traffic I received from the satlug email 
address was due to spam.  One of the other officers could redirect to me 

Send me info directly at bruce.dubbs at gmail and I'll set you up (once I 
remember how :) )

   -- Bruce

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