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John Pappas j at jvpappas.net
Tue Feb 9 08:37:12 CST 2010

On Tue, Feb 9, 2010 at 05:48, Borries Demeler
<demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu>wrote:

> > So I have 2 basic questions -- (1) Does anyone have any idea why this
> > problem might be occurring, and (2)
> Al, this is hard to say, it could be the cable modem, or it could be the
> router.

When I had this problem, the "visible" symptom to the (L2) tech was
"flapping" due to incorrect signal strength.  Ask them for the operating
characteristics of your line (line dbi or signal strength particularly) as
that can isolate a weak cable or splitter.

> > is there a command or something that I can send to the router to have it
> > reset itself without having to manually power it down/up?

DDWRT can cron a reboot, but not sure that you can "conditionally reset"
based on loss of connectivity.

The corrective action that "fixes" it is a router reset?  Does the WAN port
IP change when reset?  Often, if the modem cycles the connection the router
will loose connection, even though it shouldn't.

If this solves your problem, then most likely this is a TWC or a cable modem
> issue and you need to talk to them to either fix their network or give you
> a new modem.

The correction in my case was 2 fold: replace the modem, and then replace
both trunk and modem line by running a new, direct line from demarc to modem
location, with the following splitter config:  2 way from trunk-TV, modem,
and a 4way for TVs.  I am sure a 6 or 8 way could have been used instead,
but linemen aren't usually packing them, so he used a 2+4 config.

If the tech can isolate a signal issue, they will have you replace the modem
first (as they have to do no work to do that) and then if that does not
"fix", they will send a lineman to fix the line.


> Hope that helps. -Borries
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