[SATLUG] OT: Router-related question

Don Wright satlug at sbcglobal.net
Wed Feb 10 17:50:24 CST 2010

>>> No ssh? How do you admin headless boxes?  --Don

redpill replied:
>> through a serial port if you have a halfway decent router.

Bruce added:
>You could also burn EEPROMs and replace them.
>There is always a trade off between security and convenience.

Great suggestions. How do you implement them on a virtual device located
somewhere in the Cloud? Notice I didn't confine my query to small home

It sounds like you're saying SSH is so insecure it shouldn't be used
even in non-critical situations. If so, what is the replacement?  --Don

There are two rules in this business:
1. Don't tell all you know.

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