[SATLUG] help with tcpdump (grab a beer its a long post)

Herb Cee hc at lookcee.com
Fri Feb 19 16:42:28 CST 2010

redpill wrote:
> Its been real quite lately, so I thought why not start a discussion
> about tcpdump.  As mentioned in an earlier post I am taking Kolars's
> TCP/IP class at SAC and the following problem is one he issued in class.
> My goals in doing this are to stimulate list conversation and to gain
> feedback from the community about my approach.
> goal: write a tcpdump filter, which isolates half-open handshakes.  In
> other words 

GRRRRR wi you redpill you forced me run all the math in my head not 
daring to move arms to reach KB. having to determine if my fear of 
shattering the icicles would penetrate the LCD. Arrrgggg Liquid-CD and 
have the what ever gook is in there run out all over. I hate risking my 
old IBM clicky KB ... Would it maybe explode like an air bag right in my 

I also am terrified of exploding files I got virtual tons of .txt's ... 
would be carpet bombing ...... Crap, I can't do the math and had to risk 
it. The fear was groundless since the icicles were imagined, now I just 
don't care Todd I'm cold.

giggle sorry Todd, so far out of my ken but interesting. Figure the list 
will warm up in inverse proportions to the freezes.

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