[SATLUG] Software RAID suggestions

FIRESTORM_v1 firestorm.v1 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 02:44:44 CST 2010

Hello Everyone:

I have a question concerning software RAID.  Unfortunately I'm cursed
with the Promise TX4310 "fake" raid card and am wanting to separate
the RAID array (w/controller) from my gaming rig in an effort to cut
down on power and with the fact that I recently discovered XBMC (FTW!)

My experience with software RAID in Linux is many years old and did
not end on a good note and I was hoping of anyone here had any good
suggestions/stories/pitfalls that they could share with me.  From
research I've done with this particular RAID card, the best thing to
do is to set it for JBOD mode (4x 750GB) and then use the Linux RAID
tools to build a software RAID set. I plan on using the same setup as
currently deployed with a RAID 5 configuration.

I plan to boot from a dedicated hard drive not part of the 4 drive set
and want this to be as good of a system as I can make it without
having to worry about losing my data again.

Unfortunately, the last time I tried this was with IDE drives and when
one went out, the entire array died and was unrecoverable.  The array
would not even work in "degraded" mode to allow me to salvage my data.

A lot of the research I've done in regards to linux support for this
card has people sayingt that it works, but they never come back to say
how the performance or the longevity of the array is, fault recovery,

I appreciate your insight and any information you can provide me.


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