[SATLUG] Disk Imaging Software

Marker, Robert rmarker at encoresupportsystems.com
Thu Feb 25 14:44:55 CST 2010

I am looking for OSS to create/recover disaster recovery images of a
number of desktops. Unfortunately this requirement is immersed in a
total WinDoz environment but I want to use a Linux based boot CD
application to create/recover the images via a 1TB USB external drive.
The idea is to be able to replace a failed HDD and have a user back on
line without the pain of rebuild. Everything I have research thus far
wants to run on the desktop and has enough unnecessary features to choke
a horse. I figure after several hours of search I would ask the experts
for a recommendation. 

Long time lurker learning every bit I can (playing with DSL on a couple
of very limited Tinkpad 380's at the present) and occasionally get a
chance to post.



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