[SATLUG] Ubuntu 'Karmic Koala' 9.10 impressions?

Justin the.dead.dude at gmail.com
Fri Jan 1 17:29:00 CST 2010

I'm a new linux convert.  Just switched over to Ubuntu 9.10 a few weeks
ago.  So far my main issue with it is that most of the documentation uses
those stupid goofy names to refer to which distribution of Ubuntu they're
talking about instead of the simple and clean numbers.  I do however have a
few other more serious issues, but I haven't looked into them much yet to
see about how to solve them.

1.  Wifes PC has some shared network folders shared in a workgroup.  It's
the only other computer on the network.  I just want to have some shared
folders on the linux machine visible on hers, and I want her shared folders
visible on the linux machine.  I thought I set it up right, but sometimes
she can only see my shared folders, sometimes I can only see her shared
folders, and sometimes both computer can't see each others shared folders at
all.  All I do is transfer movies between the computers a few nights per
week so I don't really need any complication setup.

2.  My sata hd isn't showing up at all.  Got Ubuntu installed on a 120gig
ide hd along with winxp.  The XP partition shows up and is visible.  I also
got a blank 16gb ide drive that is visible, but I can't see the 250gb sata
drive at all.  That's gonna be a bit of a problem if I decide I need that
space later.

3.  Sometimes the network connection just drops out completely.  I'm not
just disconnected from the internet, but I can't even see my router.  I
would say it's a router problem but whenever this happens everything still
works just fine from my wife laptop.  A restart fixes this.

4.  Printer was recognized and worked just fine upon plugging it in, but I
can't view the ink levels.

5.  Long boot time.  After ubuntu is selected from grub, it seems like my
system just sits there and does nothing but flash the _ cursor for 30-45
seconds.  Maybe that part is normal?  After the ubuntu logo shows the system
is all booted up and useable within 30 seconds.  When I select Windows from
grub, it goes to my windows os selection screen within a second or two, then
I pick xp and the xp loading screen pops up within a few more seconds.  Then
after about 20 more seconds xp is booted up.  Just another 45 second wait
for all those little stupid programs each piece of hardware seems to require
to run, and then the system is useable.

Those are it, my only issues.  They're not really big problems right now so
I just live with them and haven't had time to look into how to solve them.
Other than that this systems working just fine.

On Fri, Jan 1, 2010 at 1:21 PM, Miguel Guhlin <mguhlin at gmail.com> wrote:

> I definitely have to agree with the recommendation to run Ubuntu Karmic
> Koala (v9.10). It works smoothly on every box I've thrown it on--including
> Dell netbooks, laptops, desktops, and intel Macs running as dual boot, as
> well as virtually.
> In addition, a friend of a colleague introduced me to LinuxMint. It's
> working great, as well, although I keep getting tempted to switch back to
> plain Gnome GUI.
> Oh, and thanks to whomever suggested using PlayOnLinux!
> http://www.mguhlin.org/2009/12/internet-explorer-on-gnulinux.html
> Wishing you a Happy New Year,
> Miguel Guhlin
> Phone: 210-617-3330
> Email - mguhlin at gmail.com
> Blog: http://mguhlin.org
> Portfolio: http://mguhlin.net
> On Fri, Jan 1, 2010 at 10:27 AM, Ed Coates <edcoates at gmail.com> wrote:
> > On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 2:56 PM, Don Wright <satlug at sbcglobal.net>
> wrote:
> > > So what do y'all think of the newly-released Ubuntu 9.10? And who's
> > > waiting for Lucid Lynx, the long-term support version targeted for
> April
> > > 29?  --Don
> > >
> > I can honestly say that version 9.10 is the best one yet.  It upgraded
> > flawlessly on my Gateway 5350 laptop.  After installing
> > ubuntu-restricted-extras, it even runs the flash games on facebook
> > without any issues.  I don't mess with the server iso, what I do is
> > install the desktop iso, and then start installing all the packages
> > I'll need for the server.  I.E. apache2, mysql5, php5, etc.  Makes it
> > easier for me since I remotely access the desktop using
> > nxserver/nxclient over ssh.  I've even loaded it up in a virtualbox on
> > my work laptop and have it work through there.
> >
> > All in all, I would highly recommend this one for anyone who wants to
> > try Linux out to see what it's about.
> >
> > Ed
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