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Geez David,

I almost feel set-up and knocked down... Blind-sided... If you're a Slacker than why even bother with Ubuntu? Slack is universally known to have a higher learning curve than average. And thusly, Slackers are typically much more adept at the intricacies of the Linux OS and the scripts and configs that give a distro it's personality. Me, after a while, I decided that I was more interested in going ahead and getting some useful work out of Linux. When I picked up Fedora, I got my Mail and Web serving config-ed, and my DNS going. In like, less than a month... after years of piddling...!

Lemme see... Oh, yeah! I picked up Ubuntu after just randomly checking it out one day. It ran flawlessly on my company Dell D620 and D630 laptops. All drivers installed fine with no fuss. Compiz worked out of the box. The AT&T wirless USB GSM card worked for Pete's sake. THAT'S what hooked me! Those kinds of details...

I still run my servers from Gnome-less (gui-less) 8.04 server installs and a token CentOS 5.x machine runs my Scalix box, but why drag myself through the mud with the OS when I can "wrassle" with cooler stuff like that Cloud topic someone started a few days ago? 

That and, are you sure you don't like Ubuntu specifically or is it Debian-based distros in general that are not familiar to you? I must say, I hung on to Red Hat for the longest time since they had that whopping 85%+ market share in the early last decade, but those days are done and figuring out Apache and Sendmail and BIND are more interesting than "where is the network config script kept in this distro...?" 





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> > What's the Spiderman quote?
> 'With great power comes great responsibility.'
> > There are systems that have fine grained control but
> that puts a lot of 
> > responsibility on the user e.g. the default Slackware
> install requires 
> > much more input and knowledge from the user.
> >
> > I am curious -- what do you mean 'it doesn't always
> obey stuff I tell it 
> > to do'?
>   I made a few cron entries recently that were just
> completely ignored. I also had some trouble with limiting
> user account access. Stuff that I'm used to just working
> right away in slackware.
>  Then there's this ssh thing. I always make keys and turn
> off passwords in my /etc/sshd_config so that only my laptop
> can ssh into any of the household systems. Sometimes ubuntu
> still prompts for passwords and allows a log in via ssh.
> Today I noticed it was working correctly but so far it's the
> first time ssh seems to obey the rules for this particular
> install.
>   My personal boxes are Slackware and I just can't imagine
> any other distro appealing to me at this point. I'm far too
> comfortable with the Slackware way. For the mom, sister, and
> brother though it's got to be Ubuntu. They get windows dual
> boots but I discourage their use unless necessary. 
>   I'm rambling now and I'm beginning to lose any real
> point. I'll leave off with this. They say that if you give a
> man ubuntu he learns ubuntu and if you give him Redhat he
> learns redhat, but should you give him slackware, he will
> learn Linux.
>   It's my absolute favorite and I heartily endorse it.
> --
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