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KC kcoriginal at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 3 13:46:32 CST 2010

Actually, I still can't believe I am defending Ubuntu... can we call it something else? American imperialist scum here prefers an English name for his distro... :)

Nah, Nah... the implication wasn't that one can't anything done with Slackware... it was that *I* can't get anything done running in circles chasing distros. I got hung up in the logic puzzles that were the flame wars of the early 2000's - each singing the praises of the Red Hat file structure and config layout over the Debian one. Oh but BSD is more like REAL Unix. Hey, the COOL haxors use SlackWare! Well, the banks use a lot of Solaris, so it must be reliable. Whatever the military uses, now that's respectable..! Bash vs. Csh vs Tcsh vs etc, etc. The Red Hat vs. BSD vs. Debian vs. LFS. Everytime I went to build a package, something was deprecated, my documentation was 6 months old and no longer worked, etc. I just spun out for near a decade...! Meanwhile, I had gotten real work in IT and learned so many things that a computer could DO besides play games and infect alien motherships with Jeff Goldblum's virii... I just wanted to get on with it already!

That's when I said, "OK, Red Hat has the market share. They have the most potential future job offers. Fedora works out of the box, lemme just get started with SOMETHING that WORKS!" 

(Ok, that's a clearer, flameless version of my Linux-evolution... sorry for the earlier mud! And, Yes, I was probably associating Gentoo in there somewhere! >@ )

What drew YOU to SlackWare, David? I should have asked that question two posts ago.


>    Slow down man! You've read quite a lot into my
> comments so far. I've been a slacker for something like 9
> months or more. My first experience with Linux was Ubuntu
> 8.04 and I've always been big fan. At no point did I intend
> to imply that I dislike Ubuntu. There are fiddly little
> things about it that bug me is all. "Why even bother with
> Ubuntu?" Well you have a point with this one, but as I
> mentioned when I introduced myself I use Ubuntu on the
> family's common computer. My brother also uses Ubuntu at his
> place so I have a fair deal of experience administrating
> Ubuntu boxes. It would be cruel of me to expect them to
> master Slackware.
>   Straight Debian has never really thrilled me. It's a
> nice stable system but it's never really caught my eye. I'm
> a command line jockey and I try to keep my desktop
> lightweight and minimal. The distros that appeal to me most
> pretty much boil down to slackware, arch, and CLI installs
> of Ubuntu. I must say that I caught your implication that
> Slackware is somehow too difficult or too demanding to "Get
> some useful work done" as it were and I must protest. For me
> Slackware has been my most productive environment which is
> why I am so consistently drawn to it for all my personal
> computing needs. Perhaps you're thinking of Gentoo... Am I
> right? hah..
>   My three most often used distros are Slackware, Ubuntu,
> and DSL in that order. That's all I need.
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