[SATLUG] re: no subject heh

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Jan 3 14:32:14 CST 2010

KC wrote:

> Nah, Nah... the implication wasn't that one can't anything done with
> Slackware... it was that *I* can't get anything done running in
> circles chasing distros. I got hung up in the logic puzzles that were
> the flame wars of the early 2000's - each singing the praises of the
> Red Hat file structure and config layout over the Debian one. Oh but
> BSD is more like REAL Unix. Hey, the COOL haxors use SlackWare! Well,
> the banks use a lot of Solaris, so it must be reliable. Whatever the
> military uses, now that's respectable..! Bash vs. Csh vs Tcsh vs etc,
> etc. The Red Hat vs. BSD vs. Debian vs. LFS. 

You forgot vi vs emacs (runs and hides) :)

   -- Bruce

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