KDE4 - was [SATLUG] Re: Ubuntu 'Karmic Koala' 9.10 impressions? ... andIntroduction

Don Davis dondavis at reglue.org
Tue Jan 5 06:39:06 CST 2010

> Any big "Pro KDE 4 Interface" weenies in herewho think they can convince me 
> how great KDE 4 is? :)

I don't know about weenies. I was a bit skeptical at first when I 
installed it. It also occurred as I hosed the xorg. When I reinstalled I 
was going to stick with KDE 3.5 but the default in Squeeze was KDE4.

Once upon a time I started out with Gnome and I thought I would always 
stick with it because KDE looked to 'Windowsy.' I discovered, however, 
that Linus Torvalds used KDE so I thought I'd give it a chance. I 
quickly discovered they did a lot of things I liked from the start e.g. 
Python shells available at the start. There was enough to transition me.
KDE also had (has?) a lighter footprint than Gnome.

The I tried KDE 4.  The screen opened with the plasmoids and I was a bit 
overwhelmed. Then I discovered that my projector didn't automatically 
get it's own desktop (and kaffeine was gone). Exporting the video wasn't 
a big deal. (In the newer version of KDE4, there is dual control of 
monitors, but I believe I preferred the export command.)

What I like about KDE4. It takes the whole 'Desktop' as a dumping ground 
for stuff. It's an option; you can view it or not. Most of the time I 
choose not to view it. I know some people who use the 'process 
monitoring plasmoids' but for me that seems a waste. When I want to know 
what's going on I use htop. Most of the time I don't even notice (I 
accidentally replaced the KDE4 menu with the 3.5 and haven't bothered to 
switch it back).

It probably doesn't matter what I use
Pros: No desktop clutter. It's prettier than 3.5 and I don't notice much 
of a difference using it.
Cons: The dictionary applet doesn't work. (This may seem minor, but I 
really like it.) Konsole still doesn't accept the ctrl+u+4 digit unicode 
input method.

If I wanted to devote a lot of time to my desktop, I would do a well 
setup IceWM or possibly Sawfish.

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