[SATLUG] Network+ Question

Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Wed Jan 6 06:10:30 CST 2010

> Microsoft costs money and hogs resources, while most Linux is free, so my 
> question is why is Microsoft so dominant?

The same question was asked back in 1998 by John Kirch (when the question
was Linux vs. Windows NT 4 server, see http://www.lege.com/unix-nt/).
Here is an excerpt....

	Why Windows NT Server 4.0 continues to exist in the enterprise
	would be a topic appropriate for an investigative report in the
	field of psychology or marketing, not an article on information
	technology. Technically, Windows NT Server 4.0 is no match
	for any UNIX operating system, not even the non-commercial
	BSDs or Linux. A manager is not expected to have the technical
	expertise of a systems administrator with 15 years of industry
	experience. There is no shame in not having the facts, only in
	being ignorant of such facts, which will in the end cost your
	employer, and eventually all consumers, money. The aim of this
	article is to give you these facts, and prove that they are facts,
	because facts are not debatable.


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