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Good answer to my rather sarcastic question.  Of Course it is the marketing 

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>> Microsoft costs money and hogs resources, while most Linux is free, so my
>> question is why is Microsoft so dominant?
> The same question was asked back in 1998 by John Kirch (when the question
> was Linux vs. Windows NT 4 server, see http://www.lege.com/unix-nt/).
> Here is an excerpt....
> Why Windows NT Server 4.0 continues to exist in the enterprise
> would be a topic appropriate for an investigative report in the
> field of psychology or marketing, not an article on information
> technology. Technically, Windows NT Server 4.0 is no match
> for any UNIX operating system, not even the non-commercial
> BSDs or Linux. A manager is not expected to have the technical
> expertise of a systems administrator with 15 years of industry
> experience. There is no shame in not having the facts, only in
> being ignorant of such facts, which will in the end cost your
> employer, and eventually all consumers, money. The aim of this
> article is to give you these facts, and prove that they are facts,
> because facts are not debatable.
> -b.
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